PSJM is a team of creation, theory and management formed by Cynthia Viera (Las Palmas G.C., 1973) and Pablo San José (Mieres, 1969).

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Consumer Demonstration

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In a mural titled Manifestación de consumidores, PSJM, using hygienic execution and synthetic realism, shows us how the individual has changed from a citizen into a consumer, grouped into a useless, hopeless, immobilising protest demonstration in which consumer demands do not transcend market supply. An ironic image that belies the hopes that Toni Negri deposits in the masses, moving closer to the concept of a paradoxical society of hyperconsumption proposed by Gilles Lipovetsky..

CAAM, Las Palmas GC
Passage Souterran, Paris
Off Limits, Madrid
Scala Galerie, Berlin
ECO, Cádiz
San Martín CCC – CAAM, Las Palmas GC
SAC, Santa Cruz de Tenerife